Tuesday, March 2, 2010

rough ideas for the next project

so the next project is the metamorphosis of my life
going by every two years
0-2: two mothers one black and one yellow holding a child that is half of each color, to represent how my mother and my babysitter were so invested in my raising that i called one black mommy and the other yellow mommy based on the crayon color i used for their hair.
2-4: cherubic golden child, every thing was perfect my first words were hi and i love you, the child would be enamelled gold copper with dandelions behind its ear in a diaper with black patent leather shoes
4-6: a plaster child sitting dejected and cross legged with an outstretched hand full of needles peircing it. at this age my sister left for college the pins reference a time when she spent an hour pulling cactus needles out of my hand and how painful it was when she left. the plaster signifies how i did my best to cast my self in her image and how fragile i was after she left.
6-10: two identical figures one enamelled copper with a matte finish and the other a clear plastic resin to represent my search for a best friend.
10-12: then a cloth child made form the uniform material with a pair of upside down glasses to represent how in middle school no one could see past my outside to the person inside
12-14: a concrete sarcophagus with my face on it to embody the era when i contracted chronic mononucleosis and slept for three straight months and was no better than dead
14-16: an ultra elongated and thin almost alien body to represent the distorted self image i had
16-18: a voluptuous figure embodying sexuality made from a candle that represents virginity
18-20: an erect electroformed copper woman shoulders back and chin up though tarnished and dented but still whole.