Saturday, October 10, 2009

WOW I havent blogged in forever but i have been working! for my newest jewelry 2 project ive been thinkng of the word Hold as my theme and two torsos holding each other. its suprisingly diffiult to get pictures of people hugging each other in the proper position on the internet. but i finally found some that kind of work. i figured i could use the arms as flanges, though so far my paper models havent been cooperating. though i haven't yet tried it with the new proportions that ive gotten from my images which should make a difference. im going to use a leather strip for the cord part because id like to emphasize the skin of the torsos. i want to figure out how to get a sort of skin texture on the torsos as well but im lost as of yet. maybe a light etching with a pnp xerox of a skin close up, or maybe a sort of roll print. either way i want one torso to be really dark and the other to be really bright, as a way to show how everyone is supported by everyone else. im still coming up with a bail. ive thought of one that looks kind of like a hand but it seems too fancy and intricate for the pendant im making.

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