Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So I just finished making my creative caffeine and its a drink coaster made of bits of glass I've found washed up on the beaches of lake Erie. I've got bits of wine bottles and beer bottles and I thought it was pretty cool to use the litter of alcohol bottles to support more glasses.
And I met a girl named Katie at the union store who makes these button bracelets and I bought a blue one! Its so charming and I shall wear it all the time. my friends thought I was nuts that i was buying something that I could make but I would never have the patience first of all to do such a nice job, and also I think its very important to support other artists, even if it is just a hobby for them. After all if they were to be discouraged think of all the things they would never design and all the beauty that would be lost. And who else should have the greatest eye for beauty than other artists, should they not?

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