Thursday, September 3, 2009


SO we have to make up some studies in wax; a symmetrical geometric form, a symmetrical organic form and a sphere. I was thinking for the geometric form I could make a paper crane. While making a paper mock up of it might be easy I will have to figure out how to make one period. I think looking at the form subtractively will be somewhat difficult but very edifying. (I'm proud of that word by the way.) For the organic form I took a picture of a moth that landed on my garage door that was spotted like a Dalmatian and I think if I used texture to duplicate its spots that would look insanely cool. Neither of these are decided on as the final structure but i think, depending on my skill, they'd turn out really cool.

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  1. if you pursue the paper crane idea- start with the sheet wax. You might need thinner sheet wax- ask me to check my stock to see if I have some thin sheets instead of buying a box. If you like the first few tries- skip ahead to ways of texturing sheet wax, you might need to bring some Pam to the studio :).
    Good Work, Mary. Smart: thinking cap is on early. So glad we finally connected on classes :) You can also look at my guerilla art books in between classes but you'll need to remind me.