Friday, September 4, 2009

Design like you give a damn

I was thinking about what social issues matter to me the most and the ones I came up with were sexism and the lack of a living wage. I have no idea what I could do for sexism except the man measuring stick, but I've no idea how I would deploy it. Heh, I'm listening to open up your eyes by Coldplay. How appropriate. Anyhoo back to the subject I thought that for the living wage I could go to restaurants and slip something into the menu or at least places that had those plastic ones with the pockets. I thought of "Tip your waiter. They probably don't make a living wage." but it just dawned on me that they might be making a living wage if they work at a plastic menu restaurant. I'm planning on asking my roommate when she gets back. Its the fast food chain people that need more help and they cant take tips. So I'm at a loss... though most places have comment cards and a place to put them maybe I could do something with that or perhaps I could address the impatience of customers, either way I shall be mulling this over. Suggestions are welcome!

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