Sunday, November 8, 2009

jewelry 2

so for the reliquary hollow forming project i thought of making a reliquary to hold something important to me, instead of a saints remains. i think im going to make a ring so i can take it every where with me. the thing closest to my heart is middle bass island. most of all the pictures of reliquaries have a similar structure similar to a house. here is a picture of a pretty standard one. usually the outside of the reliquary reflects and or describes what is on the insides like scenes from the saints life, and are incredibly ornate. i thought of using that shape and instead creating a ring with images i associate with middle bass on the outside. and perhaps on the inside i can put a little drawer so it can actually hold a piece of lake glass. on one flat side i would put a silhouette of the island itself and on the other one of the island ferry. on the bent sides/top i would but views of the lake and other islands(balast, put-in-bay) that i associate with being there or the winery, and id texture the rest to look like water.

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