Sunday, November 15, 2009

so more on the second reliquary object. i brainstormed a list of all the different things i associated with middle bass and got a list of around twenty things. i narrowed down my list of things to the ones i might adequately represent through texture. like i have memories of stealing tomatoes out of the neighbors garden but a picture of a tomato is not something normally associated with a specific place. so i tried to come up with different visuals for each of the senses, for sight on the inside back of the box would be a texture similar to that of either the pebbles on the beach that i spent hours combing over or the play of light under the water. for scent the is a particular plant called sweet annie that grows wild all over the island and smells like heaven. my sister actually scoured greenhouses and catalogs to find some so she could grow it and be reminded of the island. for taste, middle and north bass were the very first producers of wine grapes in the united states so grapes are heavily associated with the area. for sound there are hundreds of thousands of birds and the crashing of the waves but in particular we have a great blue heron that always comes and sits on our neighbors dock. and while the peacocks on the island are much more vocal and flamboyant i dont think they quie fit the serene quality of the object i wish to make. for feel or texture ive always been fascinated by the water snakes that live in the rocks in front of our house and some times there are dozens out there. they are indigenous only to the islands in lake erie and are an endangered species, so i think the texture of their sales and the shape of their bodies is very evocative of the island.

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